Innovative Event: High Performing Lodge Seminar (HPLS)

This past February, Sections C-5A and C-5B collaborated to put on the first ever Area 5 High Performing Lodge Seminar.  The seminar was hosted by Tamegonit Lodge and featured some of their Area’s best trainers.  Participants were able to familiarize themselves with the aspects of a High Performing Lodge, and they learned how to increase their Lodge’s performance in each aspect.

Garrett Schmidt, then Section Chief of Section C-5B, had the following to say about the event he co-lead with Section C-5A Chief Scout Perryman:


Q: How did your sections decide to collaborate and hold this unique event?

A: Last year, Ben Friend (past C-5A Chief) and I began to talk about holding an event called PLOTS (Practical Lodge Officer Training Seminar) that our sections had put on once before.  With the new emphasis on high performing lodges we shifted our materials to match that.


Q: What was the overall purpose of this event?

A: The purpose of this event was to give participants an idea on the state of our order, teach them what a high performing lodge is, how to make sense of their lodge’s JTE data, provide best practices to combat their lodge’s shortcomings, and allow an opportunity to share ideas with arrowmen from throughout the Area.


Q: What was your favorite part of the weekend?

A: Seeing members of my section getting to meet brothers from our sister section


Q: What were the biggest takeaways from this event?

A: Getting to see where we stand as an order and being able to leave with many ideas/plans


Innovative Event