April Section of the Month: Section C-5B

Tornado Alley, which spans across the central United States, sees an average of 1,000 tornadoes every year.  Amidst this destruction, it’s important to always stay positive, which is exactly what Section C-5B has done! Their newly created logo (as seen above) cleverly hides “C-5B” within a tornado.

But that’s not all C-5B has done! Their Section Conclave is now known as the “Tornado Alley Rally” and was recently held over April 12-14.  At the rally participants were able to visit a variety of 15-20 minute trainings in the morning, and have some fun in the afternoon with tons of activities! Some of the activities included lodgeball, giant chess, and an escape room! There was also a lodge expo for lodges to show off what they do best, and learn about what some of the other lodges in their section are up to!

The new leadership of Section C-5B were also elected at their conclave! Congratulations to Joseph W. (Chief), Brian B. (Vice Chief), and Kurt J. (Secretary)!

Now Section Conclave is not the only event that Section C-5B holds throughout the year.  At the start of the year they also held a High Performing Lodge Seminar, where lodges gathered for a  day of high quality trainings on how to better their lodge and improve as a leader!

Want to learn more about Section C-5B? Check out their website to learn more, and be sure to connect with them on social media as well!

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