The Central Region Meet the Chief Blog series is officially underway. In this series, the region blog will highlight section chiefs from all across the region so everyone can get to know them a little better.

Our first section chief is Ty Milner of section C-1A. Ty Has an extensive scouting background and we talked to him about his experiences and the rise to his section chief status.

“I come from a scouting family. My dad was an eagle scout and most of my scouting career was set on my goal of achieving Eagle before he had completed his (days before his 18th birthday). I completed so far, my greatest achievement of Eagle with months to spare. During that time of working on Eagle, I entered the Order at age 13 I believe. That first ordeal weekend with Ka’Niss Ma’ingan lodge I met two of my soon to be lifelong mentors who opened more doors for me than I could have ever hoped for. These two really saw the potential I had to be a confident and successful leader. I ran my first NYLT course 2 years later and just kept climbing from there. Attending Jamboree, taking on Vice chief of Administration in my lodge. Then at age 15 I stepped into a two-term role of lodge chief with Ka’Niss Ma’ingan lodge. During my second term, I also took on the role of Section secretary and began to move up to the section level. The following year fall 2016 I began my role of C-1A Chief,” said Milner.

Milner brings to light his overall goal for his term as section chief.

“Ultimately, I would say youth growth is priority. One of my main goals and ambitions for the year is to create a strong  section leadership this year for now and for years to come. We can do this by finding the right youth to bring into the positions now and working to mentor the developing ones. By working to build a strong section leadership, it will benefit all our lodges and it will develop their leaders who step up and join our section level leadership,” said Milner.

In order to be a section chief, one has to run and be elected as such. Milner talks about what made him want to run for chief.

“Specifically, I would say my skills/ideas that I bring to the position, my team, and my lodge. Coming into the position, last year was one of our strongest in many years in areas like attendance, conclave activities/participation, and financial management. Seth Murray did an awesome job last year but I know there are major improvements and different ideas my team and myself bring to the position to help capitalize upon last year. Secondly what motivates me to keep working is my team. I have worked to learn our strong suits and our weak areas as we have begun the year. We understand each other and work to capitalize on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We also have the advantage of all attending the same college even though we are from three different lodges within the geographically largest section of the Central Region. Finally, I would say my lodge motivates me. Knowing where I come from and who helped get me to where I am with these amazing opportunities is humbling. It helps me keep my mind focused on the youth within my section.

Milner prefers not to be in the spotlight. He would much rather be a behind the scenes person helping out in that capacity.KM winter 177

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