Lodge of the Week: Wenesa Quenhotan Section C-3A

Lodge FlapWenesa Quenhotan Lodge of section C-3A  is located in Peoria, Illinois and is apart of the W.D. Boyce Council. Wenesa Quenhotan Lodge has approximitly 379 active brothers and their lodge totem is maize.

Lodge Chief Matthew Nagle discusses his lodge’s traditions.

“Every Conclave we have a patch auction, where all proceeds go to our youth subsidy fund, which helps pay for youth to attend OA high adventure, and send youth to summer camp. We like to talk about corn, and frequently have periods at events where we all make corn jokes. We started a tradition where one of our adult arrowman brings in his giant smoker (its so big, he has to use a pick-up truck to tow it) and he smokes us all giant hams,” said Nagle.

Wenesa Quenhotan Lodge stands out because they ha10476576_10152216168147016_6781615825654924293_ove strong youth and older adult core volunteers. “From what I’ve heard from other lodge chiefs, WQ has a very active body of youth, especially on our LEC. The willingness of our youth to volunteer and take up more responsibilities, is what keeps our lodge strong for the next Century of Service,” Nagle said.  They also have a team of adult arrowmen, who are always willing to help out. Since they’ve been around so long, they provide a lot of wisdom on ways the lodge can do things, and help them out along the way.

Wenesa Quenhotan’s primary council scout camp is Ingersoll Scout Reservation located in London Mills, Illinois. Lodge Chief Nagle comments o1780706_10152291028828987_1535129971_nn why he thinks their camp stands out among other council camps.

“Experienced older staff members who are willing to come back. Our camp’s ability to draw in older staff members who have previously worked at camp, allows the camp to keep traditions, but also bring in new ideas from limited resources that we are provided with,” Nagle said.

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