Lodge of the Week: Mitigwa Lodge #450

Mitigwa Lodge #450, located in Des Moines, Iowa, Mitigwa_Lodgeis a part of the Mid-Iowa Council. Mitigwa is located in Section C-5B and has a current lodge membership of 1,066 Arrowmen.

Mitigwa Lodge has a few traditions that are dear to them. This includes the following: Arrow of Light ceremonies, Cub Scout Fun Day, and Trail Crew . 5 main events throughout the year that take place are: Winter Banquet, Snowflake Powwow, Spring Conclave, Fall Fellowship, Section Conclave

Mitigwa Lodge has participated heavily with performing Arrow of Light ceremonies to Cub Scout packs across the council. they aim to try to show Cub Scout packs how cool the experience is, and try to make a presence known in the Mid-Iowa Council.

“This is a side event that I haven’t heard many other Lodge’s doing”, said Mitigwa lodge chief David Konfrst, “Our Lodge has had an annual Trail Crew, which goes on during the 1st week of Summer Camp. Trail Crew is designed to fix up trails going down to our Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal ring. They can also be involved in cleaning up the rings as well. This event is strictly OA members, and we usually have high attendance and accomplish alot.”

“As Chief, I think there are a few things that make our Lodge standout,” said Konfrst.

“Mitigwa Lodge was the only place in Iowa that hosted an ArrowTour stop. We were top 5 in attendance for that event in our Regio712_001n, we had over 10+ lodges attend this event, including our Secretary of State for the State of Iowa.”

“We are also in charge of running program areas for our Council’s 100th anniversary at Camp Mitigwa in October. Our Council Executive has stated that he is expecting between 2000-3000 participants. This will be an enormous task, but 1 we are looking forward to!”

“Our lodge has also a proud history of hosting 2 NOAC’s here in Ames Iowa. The 1998 and 2004 NOAC’s have been highlights of our Lodge, and we do hope that 1 day they will return to Ames!”

Mitigwa Lodge Chief David Konfrst says what he thinks makes their camp, Mitigwa,Woodward Iowa, stand out.

“Ever since I have been attending Camp Mitigwa as a youth, I have always thought of Camp as a beacon. Somewhere where you can go and not only enjoy, but can experience what being a Boy Scout means. That really came apparent to me when we hosted Section Conclave this year at Camp Mitigwa. We received many compliments from our fellow lodges and it truly was exciting to see fellow brothers touring the camp. This was why I wanted to serve in the Order of the Arrow. I wanted to give back to Camp. I sure have been kept busy since becoming a leader in our Lodge.”

“Our Camp has hosted many events. We will be hosting our Council’s 100th anniversary there, which in my opinion is going to be a huge193a2004, jam packed event that only lodges that have a strong relationship with their council can pull off. We have so many events and camp-outs there. And we also have people not even in the Boy Scouts go out and camp there, because they know it is someone to escape to.”

“Our Camp also has another task force that not many other councils have. The ORF’s (Old Retired Fellows) was started by a former Lodge Adviser, Jim Gooding, These ORF’s help get as many jobs done around camp as their bodies can handle. Even though they do spend a lot of time deciding how to do certain things, they put in a ton of man hours and really help fix camp up when the Rangers are busy.”


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