I went through NLS in April of 2013 and my home councils camp, Camp Wilderness. Little did I know how much this NLS would not only change my scouting life but my personal life. At the time I was my lodges Vice-Chief of Chapters, basically sliding through getting things done, only getting things done, not striving for more, or trying to increase my leadership skills. At the start of the seminar I was given my table assignment, “great a bunch of super scouts”, I thought. I’m fairly certain that my table guide who has now become a very good friend of mine, knew what I was thinking. Our table guide worked very hard to keep us together. My table struggled just like any other table to work together through the unique challenges that are given to you at NLS, but we got through it. By the end of the weekend, my table was great, we all got along, and many of us still talk to this day. I attribute NLS to many of my accomplishments, not only in scouting but in my personal life as well. I know we say that NLS is a life changing experience, and you may not believe us, but it truly truly is.C-1A - Seth Murray

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