The 2016 Section C-6B AIA Seminar is an event for everyone in the section to learn more about the Native American culture which12901375_1111681575530557_1589927105265650134_o the OA takes part in. This years AIA Seminar was at Camp Friedlander in Loveland, Ohio.

The AIA seminar allows all of the Arrowmen in the section to come together for a fun packed weekend to learn more about the traditions of the Order and various other Native American activities such as bead working, traditional dancing, and instrumental drum work.

The 2016 Section C-6B Chief Luke Hoffman talks about the uniqueness of this section event.

“I know other sections only have one event per year, Conclave. However, C-6B has 2 other events other than Conclave. The Section AIA seminar, and our Lodge Officer Summit (LOS),” Hoffman said.

Hoffman mentions a plethora of activities that take place at the AIA Seminar, including trainings on different dance styles, ceremonies, and also different crafts like beading and finger weaving.

“On Saturday night we have a pow wow that allows dancers from the section to dance, and lets Arrowmen try out what they learned during the seminar,” Hoffman said.

Being a section chief, Hoffman has many responsibilities including planning the section events with his fellow officers and CVCs.

“It was a great feeling arriving at the events and once you first start the event, you see everyone that is in attendance. I believe that the success of an event stands with the people that attend. Without them, there would be no event. So seeing everyone that comes out to these events gets me excited to deliver our planning to everyone at the event,” said Hoffman.

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