Matthew Summers is the current Section Chief of Section C-5A, serving Arrowmen throughout Kansas, eastern Nebraska, and western Iowa. Matthew has been involved with Scouting since becoming a Tiger Cub. Since then he has served on various Lodge committees before earning two terms as Lodge Chief and becoming the Section Vice Chief.  

Matthew will strive to increase Section C-5A’s representation in OA High Adventure programs. He also hopes to host the section’s second PLOTS training; perhaps this year as an area event with Section C-5A.

Besides working tirelessly in the office, Matthew looks forward to being out visiting all of the lodges within the section. He hopes to learn how lodges run events and tackle burning issues effectivley. He finds it a great learning experience and as well as a fun opportunity to meet all of the Arrowmen from around the section.

When he isn’t performing chiefly duties, Matthew enjoys duck hunting and broadening his experience as an automotive technician, which he is currently working towards in college.

C-5A - Matt SummersThe Central Region Communications Team would like to thank Matthew for taking the time to talk with us regarding his Section Chief experience. We wish Matthew all the best in leading Section C-5A into a new century of service

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