Chance Ziegler is the current Section Chief of Section C-3B, serving Arrowmen from Missouri Illinois and parts of Indiana. Chance has held a variety of positions within multiple areas of Scouting throughout the years. Along with his Chiefly duties, he currently serves as the Vice President of Program for Area 3 Venturing. Chance is an Eagle Scout with 12 palms, Venturing Silver award recipient, and a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

Chance hopes to encourage idea sharing and lodge to lodge interactions. The C-3B officer team is excited to revamp their conclave and communication processes. Chance wants to make sure he leads by remembering that “the Section belongs to our members. It’s their Section and we want to make sure we are developing it to include their ideas and to support them in their endeavors”.

He was motivated to run for Section Chief after serving as the Section Vice Chief and realizing the strengths and attributes of the lodges within the Section. Chance says he was motivated to run in an effort to “help our Section in this next year to become even more connected and to share ideas to make this next century even greater than the last.”

Out of the many things to look forward to this next year, Chance most looks forward to meeting all of the Section Arrowmen, especially the new and young Arrowmen, for they are the future of our organization. He strives to make his presence known within the Section, so that he can provide the most support and encouragement he can to all Arrowmen and their endeavours.

Chance is a huge multi-tasker and likes to listen to Abba music while Scuba diving and reciting history of the Vanderbilt family.

The Central Region Communications Team would like to thank Chance for taking the time to talk with us regarding his Section Chief experience. We wish Chance all the best in leading Section C-3B into a new century of service!

C-3B - Chance Ziegler

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