The 2014 Central Region Section Chiefs with Region Chairman Dan Segersin and 2014 Central Region Chief Ricky Angeletti at the 2014 National Planning Meeting

The 2014 Chiefs being recognized for their service.

The 2014 Chiefs being recognized for their service.

Hello Arrowmen. As you may know, the National Planning Meeting or the NPM is coming up very soon. December 27th-30th, 2015.

Every year, Section Chiefs, members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, and some support staff gather in Dallas for the biggest OA planning event of the year. These top leaders from all over the country assemble for an intensive four-day session, known as the Order of the Arrow National Planning Meeting.

At the NPM, new national officers (the national chief, national vice chief, and four region chiefs) are elected. Some call it “the changing of the guard.” Only current section chiefs are eligible to be elected to a national office.

The first night of the NPM is the national chief and national vice chief officers elections, where the 2016 National Chief and National Vice Chief are elected.

After elections on opening night – which sometimes go into the early hours of the morning, the business meetings take place. Starting after breakfast on day two, all the section chiefs split up into groups by their respective regions. Once split up, region chief elections begin to elect the sole chief of the region, whether that be the Central, Western, Southern or Northeast region.

Once elected into their position, the new national officers join the National Committee and commence a National Planning Meeting. Section Chiefs and the National Committee focus on appropriate national events. They split up into groups and plan national events. All aspects of the event are planned. From the bottom up, things are put into place and determined with immaculate detail.

On conference years, Section Chiefs will be split up into NOAC committees such as AIA and Activities and Recreation. A Conference Vice Chief  or CVC will be elected in their committee to head up all the staff and operations of that respective committee during planning and at the conference.

Later, the outgoing National Chief gives a final report along with the other past National Officers. The National Committee presents their token of thanks to the officers. Most famously is the black sweater.

Once that happens, the new National Officers are sworn into office by the National Chairman of the Order of the Arrow. The new officers greet one another and the other Section Chiefs. Then the planning starts for national events. The 2016 program of emphasis is a conference called NEXT: A New Century. Section Chiefs will split up into committees based on their preferences and elect Conference Vice Chiefs or CVCs. From there, the planning continues until the end of the meeting.

With time for fun and fellowship, your National Committee and Section Chiefs will be able to meet one another and share ideas that will lead our Order into the next century.

2015 National Planning Meeting expectations and information for Section Chiefs can be found here.

2015 National Planning Meeting expectations and information for Section Advisers can be found here.


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