Luke Hoffman currently serves as the Section C-6B Chief, representing Arrowmen in Western Ohio. He’s served before as Section Vice Chief, as well as Tarhe Lodge Chief. He’s an Eagle Scout, and a former staff member for NYLT and NAYLE at the national level.


Luke said that ever since his experiences as a Tiger cub, he’s had nothing but a positive and life changing experience in scouting. He wanted to serve as Section to give back to the Order by impacting the lives of all scouts in a positive way. He wants to increase attendance at their Conclave and AIA Seminar. He wants to make sure Arrowmen have plenty of opportunities to bond with other brothers in the Section!


While he know there will be bumps along the way, he knows it will be satisfying working through them with his team to come out on top! He’s looking forward to meeting as many scouts as he can within both the Section and around the country!C-6B - Luke Hoffman

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