Logan Greene currently serves as the Section C-6A Chief, for his third term, representing Arrowmen in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. He recently served as a member of the Central Region’s ArrowTour RoadCrew, and is a former C-6A Vice-Chief and Secretary. He’s also served his Lodge as Nischa Chuppecat Lodge Chief in Hoosier Trails Council.

Logan wanted to run for office this third time to “put the cherry on top of our past century, and to prepare the foundation for our next one hundred years”. He first ran in 2013 to see the bigger picture outside the Lodge, and help on a larger scale. For his term, he wants to “improve communications between the Lodges, prepare for NEXT to be hosted at Indiana University within his Section, and to advance our Order at the local level in preparation for our next Century!”
What’s he looking forward to during his term? “Watching all six lodges in our Section grow closer together, and work together for the execution of a successful 2016 Conclave!


Logan Greene

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