[fusion_text]The buildup to NOAC 2015 has been immense, intense and crazy. One thing is for sure, our 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow will be the biggest gathering of Arrowmen in the history of our Order. This year Shawnee Lodge of section C-3B brought the biggest group of delegates it has ever brought to a NOAC. With a drive of 512 miles, it was sure to be a fun filled journey for all. Shawnee Lodge brought enthusiastic Arrowmen in a whopping four bus contingent. Along the way, Shawnee Lodge bus three blew an outside tire delaying the contingent by two and a half hours. Still, with smiles on their faces they got through cshawnee noac travel 2Shawnee noac travel 1heck-in eagerly and cheerfully.NOAC shawnee departure[/fusion_text]

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