This summer Arrowtour, our national centennial experience, provided opportunities to reflect, connect, and discover the Order’s Centuries of Service, both past and future. With many different activities such as Silk screening, hat/belt branding, and recreational games, each stop was sure to be a blast for Arrowmen and their families. So far the Central Region Arrowtour Team has traveled 4,000 miles across 8 states making 13 stops around the midwest. Hosting more than 3,500 visitors. With more than 1,200 shirts screened and 2,000 patches sold, the Arrowtour team has worked tirelessly to bring the great midwest the best centennial experience possible. And with many more stops to come, our Arrowtour team will continue to bring fun and fellowship to all who visit the sites. Our Arrowtour staff even connected locally with some lodges watching four call-out ceremonies.

Here is a testimonial from an Arrowtour staffer:

“At one of our earlier stops, we were introduced to two brothers, both newly inducted Ordeal members. The younger 12 year old offered to help silk screen and quickly picked it up. Within an hour, his brother jumped in as well, followed by two other youth and several advisers. Soon there was a waiting list for people to help and I was turning volunteers away. The example set by likely the youngest Arrowman present took fire, and led to the greatest outpouring of support we had and have still ever received.” The experience gives truth to Allowat Sakima’s words: “you’ll be seen by many others and by inspiration lead them”.

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