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OA Wilderness Voyage: Canadian Odyssey

"The Order of the Arrow is a thing of the out of doors rather than the indoors. It was born in an island wilderness. It needs the sun and rain, the woods and the plains, the waters and the starlit sky." -E. Urner Goodman

Would you like to join Arrowmen from across the country in cheerful service and the formation of lasting brotherhood in the wild beauty of the Quetico Provincial Park of Ontario, Canada? The first week of the 14 day program is spent giving back to the Quetico through portage trail restoration work. Participants have the opportunity to leave their mark on the Quetico that will enable millions of visitors each year to better enjoy their experience. Trail work involves restoring and protecting trails that have existed for centuries and are in dire need or repair.The second part of the program is a 90 mile trek from Atikokan, Ontario to Ely, Minnesota.

For information about participation requirements or the application process, please go to

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