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"The Order of the Arrow is a thing of the out of doors rather than the indoors. It was born in an island wilderness. It needs the sun and rain, the woods and the plains, the waters and the starlit sky." -E. Urner Goodman

The Order of the Arrow, in cooperation with the Florida Sea Base, is offering you an opportunity to provide cheerful service while experiencing the adventure and fun of one of the greatest ecosystems on our planet the Florida Keys and the waters which surround them. This ten day program will provide an array of service opportunities that include work helping to develop the Florida Keys Heritage Trail, removing invasive species in and around the Sea Base's Big Munson Island, and supporting both the Crane Point Nature Center and Marathon Wild Bird Center in preserving the Keys flora, fauna and wildlife.

You will be camping at both Big Munson Island and Crane Point during the service portion of the program, after which you will move aboard a 40-50' sailing yacht for four days at sea. While afloat, you will experience the fun and excitement of life in the Keys from the unique perspective of a sailor as you sail, snorkel on pristine coral reefs, troll for sportfish, and swim in the warm waters of the Keys.

Your program is a 10-day experience in which you will experience wilderness camping, kayaking, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, team building (including a trip on a war canoe) and of course cheerful service. The program will be conservation-based and will seek to help protect the eco-system of the Florida Keys.

In addition to the conservation service, participants will strengthen leadership skills, learn about the Keys eco-system and its marine environment, experience life afloat and strengthen understanding of the Order of the Arrow.

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