Region Leadership
Ricky Angeletti

Ricky Angeletti

Region Chief
Dan Segersin

Dan Segersin

Region Chairman
Curt Palmer

Curt Palmer

Region Staff Adviser

Section Chiefs

Ben Johnston Ben Johnston
Section 1A
Alex Derr Alex Derr
Section 1B
David Ware David Ware
Section 2
Matt Garrison Matt Garrison
Section 3A
Wyatt Fecht Wyatt Fecht
Section 3B
Brandon Tyson Brandon Tyson
Section 4B
Nathan Jenkins Nathan Jenkins
Section 5A
Tom Ward Tom Ward
Section 5B
Logan Greene Logan Greene
Section 6A
Mason Fox Mason Fox
Section 6B
Sam Gartzman Sam Gartzman
Section 7
Chiefly Thoughts
OA Central Chief
Great day in Ohio!! Went to Miami Lodge Winter Banquet last night, US Air Force Museum today, and Tarhe Lodge Winter Banquet this evening
(9 days ago)

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