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Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Section Adviser
OA Honor: Vigil

Chris was inducted into the Order in 1990. He is a Vigil Honor member from Jaccos Towne Lodge. As a youth, Chris served in multiple offices including Lodge Chief and Section Chief. As an adult, Chris has advised lodge committees and was a chapter adviser. In other Scouting areas, Chris has served as the Roundtable Commissioner, District Commissioner, Program Chair Scoutmaster, and Course Director for NYLT. He is a band director at Pendleton Heights High School, IN.

Member of:

Section: 6A

Chiefly Thoughts
OA Central Chief
I feel so blessed to spend the weekend here, at home, at Section C-6A Conclave! Shout out to Sections C-7 & C-5B Conclaves this weekend too!
(3 days ago)

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