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George Soltis

George Soltis

Section Adviser
OA Honor: Vigil

George is a Vigil Honor member of Takhonek Lodge 617 (Chi-Hoota-Wei Lodge and Tha-Coo-Zyo Lodge merger 12/2014)
and is currently and has been C4B Section Adviser for three years,
previously being an associate section adviser
for nine years in three sections.  A Scoutmaster for eight years,
mentoring 16 Eagle Scouts which included two Lodge Officers, George is currently a Troop 195 committee member focusing on advancement.

He was a Lodge Advisor for Chi-Hoota-Wei 617.
He is also a Vigil Honor Member,
Founder’s Award recipient, Section Silver Arrow recipient and
Silver Beaver honoree. He is NLS and Woodbadge trained.
George has received the Hornaday Gold Badge.
Other OA positions he has held in the past include Associate Chapter Adviser, Chapter Adviser,
Dance Team Adviser, Associate Lodge Adviser.
Jamboree experience includes Assistant Scout Master at the 2001 Jamboree and Scout Master at the 2013 jamboree.

George has attended six NOACs and is looking forward to a seventh in 2015,
and was a staff member at
NCLS in 2007, Bridger-Teton 2008 Arrowcorps 5 and Summit Corps 2011.
George designed the Summit Corps patch and developed the NRX brand
for OA work in and around the Summit and New River National River.
George was involved with OA planning activities for events at
Summit Corps 2011 and the Summit-Bechtel Family National
Scout Reserve in West Virginia. He is also a member of the design and construction team working
on the new Order of the Arrow Summit Circle project at the Summit scheduled for completion in fall of 2015.

He is a member of Buckskin Council’s Executive Board,
Properties committee and Conservation committee.

George is responsible for the design of his Councils new Service Center
Renovation and Addition along with other small projects at Council camps.

George graduated Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky
College of Architecture with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1977.
He owns an Architectural firm in St. Albans, West Virginia and
resides in South Charleston, West Virginia with his wife Peggy.
George and Peggy have an son , Stephen, who is an Eagle Scout
and Vigil Member.

Member of:

Section: 4B
Lodge: Chi-Hoota-Wei

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