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Epilette Colors

Question: There seems to be some confusion about who wears what in our lodge. Some people choose on the Lodge Executive Committee wear Silver tabs while the rest wear red. I know that the Lodge Chief and the Chapter Chiefs do but what about the Lodge Vice-Chief and Lodge Secretary. The Section Chief, Vice-Chief, Secretary wear Gold so wouldn't it be silver of lodge?
Answer: Silver epilette tabs identify an individuals involvement with the council. If an individual wears silver tabs they technically should a corresponding Council position patch on the sleeve of their uniform.

Your whole Lodge Executive Committee most likely should not all be wearing silver tabs. The only person on your LEC that could wear silver tabs is probably your Lodge Chief only if he was allowed a spot on the Council's Camping Committee- even then he should ware a position patch identifying his involvement with the Council.

I believe your Section C-5B officers are the only section officers that all wear Gold tabs. The Central Region is the only region that gives Section Chiefs Gold Tabs to wear as a symbol of recognition. Technically, the only OA officers that should be wearing Gold tabs are the National Chief, Vice Chief, and the four Region Chiefs considering that they are apart of either the National or Regional Committee for the duration of their term in office.

I hope this answered your questions. Finally just check with your lodge adviser to see if your lodge chief indeed has a spot within a Council Committee. If not see if you can propose the idea. I believe that it is very important to have not only the Order of the Arrow to be involved in Council affairs but more importantly the youth of the program.

By Josh Hunt

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