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National Membership Records

Question: How do I access records on OA memberships/dates, etc?

Michigan Area 2 Restructuring

Question: The BSA State of Michigan Area 2 project has been implemented. The innovative reorganization of program, membership/advancement records, event registrations, administration, fiscal and outdoor/scout camp functions will improve administrative and cost efficiency. Under the Area 2 Project, Service Centers do not require Scout Executives, as Service Centers have no fiscal responsibility. The Service Center Executive cannot pay Lodge expenditures. The Area 2 Office and the Chief Executive Officer perform the administrative support that an OA Lodge requires. Scout Camps are also included in the Area 2 Office, not Service Centers. There is no longer a traditional Council for a traditional Lodge, as defined by the OA Field Operations Guide (FOG). Why is National OA trying to apply an outdated organization structure to the new and innovative BSA Area 2 organization? National OA is treating the BSA Area 2, concept the same as just another Council merger with (x) number of Lodg es going into a Service Center. I recommend an expanded Lodge organization, i.e. more local Lodges, that directly support Scout Camps and a Lodge organization that will be more efficient in supporting the BSA Area 2, vision and goals. BSA Area 2, Service Center inclusion as an additional Lodge entity will require a change in the FOG that addresses unique BSA Area 2 structure. Middlemen in Service Centers are not required by OA Lodges and their use will result in an inefficient use of Service Center employees.

Election Process Error

Question: What if improper camping calculations were done at camp and a scout was left off the election list. Can the troop hold a second election process prior to the fall OA encampment?

Venturing Division in the OA

Question: Has a Venturing division of OA ever been considered - Co-ed and open only to Venturers and advisors?

Patches at Jamboree

Question: My son is attending the National Jamboree in August, and Scouts are required to wear an official uniform, but must remove patches that are from local activities (camp patches, local council, quality unit, etc.) . The Jamboree leadership was unsure whether or not he would have to remove his local OA Lodge pocket patch. Do you know the answer?

Regalia & Dance Permissions

Question: I have a leader stating that all the boy must be in the same style regelia to dance and can wear only special color when do ceremonies. He is all so claiming we must have writen permission to do a Cherokee dance from the Cherokee nation and all of this is supported by the OA National leadership. 1. Must all the dances be in the same style of regalia? 2. To do a Cherokee dance, must we have writen premission from the National Headquarters or even the local headquarters of the Cherokee, to do this dance? 3. Is there any rules in OA that state whate each member of a ceremony team can and can not wear, doing a part or working behind the sences?

Definition of Camping

Question: What is the definition of camping? Different troops in our lodge use different standards. Bottom line does cabin "camping" count. Or does it depend on how rustic or plush the cabins are?

Historical Membership Records

Question: I am applying to be a scout leader in Chicago. As a scout 20 yrs ago I earned my Eagle and was a member of OA. Will the Chicago Area Council have any records of me being Brotherhood in OA.

Epilette Colors

Question: There seems to be some confusion about who wears what in our lodge. Some people choose on the Lodge Executive Committee wear Silver tabs while the rest wear red. I know that the Lodge Chief and the Chapter Chiefs do but what about the Lodge Vice-Chief and Lodge Secretary. The Section Chief, Vice-Chief, Secretary wear Gold so wouldn't it be silver of lodge?
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Arrowmen are learning to not be complacent at the Super Secret @sectionc2oa Conclave. #ChangeAgents #OA100
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