Region Committees

The Central Region has multiple committees to assist in achieving its mission and goals. These key volunteers provide exceptional service and expertise with tasks ranging from putting together the quarterly newsletter, making the information available electronically, and even in assisting in the success of regional training events. There are two primary committees within the Central Region. In additional to region-specific committee members, persons from the Central Region on the National Order of the Arrow Committee are also considered to be on the Central Region Committee.

Region Key 3

Name Position
Logan Greene Region Chief
Dan Segersin Region Chairman
Steve Sawyer Staff Adviser

Region Committee – Communications & Technology

Committee Leadership

Name Position
Alex Derr Communications Team Coordinator
Stephen Enochian Asst. Communications Team Coordinator
Russ Votava Communications Adviser


Name Position
Zack Sinsheimer Social Media Adviser
Ben Herrick Instagram Lead
Adam Wherman Twitter Lead
Senn Boswell Facebook Lead
Bryson Schroeder Web Site Lead
Name Position
Dave Long Publications Adviser
Kyle Reamer Blog Editor
Preston Podolske Mighty Leader Editor
Name Position
Cory Johnson Content Lead
David Fountain Writer
Tanner Haller Writer
Name Position
Thomas Officer Media Content Lead
Mike Duerkop Photography
Colin Giering Filmography
Ben Johnston Special Projects Lead